IK - Five Fingers

The Gentleman Stranger

PCs: Flynn (Andrew), Nalim (Joel), Matilda (Jeannie), Roth (Shawn)

Adventure 1: Flynn gives Peter the 8-year-old Stoolie 5 gold to give to someone who is needy, in a blatant ploy by the group to ingratiate themselves with the larger community. It works. Peter gives the coin to an old woman on Hospice Island who is well-respected by the common folk as a fortuneteller. She offers to read their fortunes for free. She tells Matilda that her brother is where he should be and she is where she should be, and she’ll find him in good time. Flynn asks about the location of the Colossal’s cortex, and she tells him the King has it.

Adventure 2: The team goes to the Dead Inn Tavern on Hospice to look for a bodyguard. They find an ogrun named Boomer who thinks Flynn is an idiot, but agrees to work for them if one of them can beat him in an unarmed fight. The team magicks up Matilda to fight him, and she’s able to beat him enough that he not only signs up, but makes an oath to protect Matilda, whom he refers to as “Little Girl”.

Adventure 3: Upon arriving back at the Silver Pitcher, they find a commotion – there has been an accident and a merchant named Antius Fraser is dead at the bottom of the stairs. He appeared to have fallen; his neck is broken. (And Roth manages to get 65gp from his pockets.) Matilda and the others gather information from the servants: they tell of a ‘gentleman stranger’ who has charmed all of the nobles. However, the servants see his true form: taloned, ugly and supernatural.

The stranger appears to be a well-dressed Llaelese noble. He stays near the nobles, and ignores the team since they’re common-born. An attempt at detect magic on the noble is misdirected to a silver pitcher on a nearby table. In an attempt to discover the noble’s nature, Flynn slaps him in the face, and sees the taloned creature the servants described. When he does, the creature lets out a mocking laughter that causes crushing despair in most of the people there (except those who made their will save). He also makes a mass suggestion that everyone leave; everyone but Roth resists.

The team attempts combat, but the creature makes a huge jump and uses spider climb to disappear through an upper window. They give chase, and find themselves in a huge graveyard, attacking the creature – who uses suggestions, nightmares and a magical longsword. He also had damage resistance against magic. When they finally kill it, it reverts to its true form, and the graveyard illusion disappears.

The treasure on it is 2000 gp and a Tome of Clear Thought +3 (a book that adds +3 to one person’s intelligence). The team also saves the body.


1.) There is a new dancer at Banek Hurley’s Laden Galleon, who is rumored to also be serving as Hurley’s personal bodyguard.

2.) There is a Cygnaran soldier hanging out at the High Sail

3.) Professor Pendrake in Corvis has been searching for the ‘gentleman stranger’ to study, and could be interested in the body.

Rescuing Matilda

PCs: Flynn (Andrew), Nalim (Joel), Matilda (Jeannie)

Flynn and Nalim receive a message from Anna that Jannish Riordan wants to see them. He lets them know that Velter Waernuk has one of the “Khadorans” that arrived in the city at the same time they did. It’s clear that Riordan has an ulterior motive, but Flynn and Nalim head to Cod Row on Dicer’s Island.

The given address was a small storeroom, guarded by a thug (treasure: masterwork axe and two vials of black adder poison). A trap door led to a basemet area, where Matilda was being held hostage by four thugs. After killing the thugs and freeing Matilda, she let them know what she’d heard.

—Velter Waernuk is making a deal with an “outside force”

—To seal this deal, he’s planning to kidnap Riordan’s niece

—A secret door in this room leads to a larger chamber

After making their way through a trapped hallway, they found themselves in a seemingly empty cavern. There were six open sarcophagi, and when the team moved into the room, undead thralls arose from the sarcophagi. After killing them, they made their way out onto a secluded beach. Nalim, in bear form, snuck up on two Scharde warriors who were holding a bound Kathleen. He heard them talking about handing her over to a Satyxi warrior who was on her way there – clearly Waernuk is working with Cryx. He attacked them, covering Kathleen with his body and calling lightning on the Scharde. They ran, and the rest of the group left with Kathleen before the Satyxis arrived. Looking back as they crossed the channel to Captain’s Island, Nalim saw the Satyxis standing on an outcropping watching them.

While Riordan was pleased they freed his niece, he did not seem overly surprised. He was most interested in discovering as much as possible about Waernuk’s deal with Cryx. He also pointed out that the other High Captains already thought the team worked for him, so they might want to make it official. However, his terms (50% of their loot) were what you’d expect from a High Captain…

Rumor: Anna let them know about a strange gentleman who’s been charming the nobles and disturbing the servants…

First Day in the City

PCs: Flynn (Andrew), Roth (Shawn), Nalim (Joel)

Once in Five Fingers, the team found the Steam and Iron Workers’ Union. The head Steamo is an attractive Thurian named Kathleen Riordan. She sold them Flynn a union license for 25,000 gold pieces, which entitles the team to take shelter in the union, and allows Flynn use of a workbench. Willie, who is responsible for assigning workbenches, turned out to be the old man at the bridge.

Moving through town, a young boy named Peter tried to pickpocket Flynn unsuccessfully. Instead of punishing him, he hired him to be their guide and lackey. He showed them several places around town, including an ancient Colossal that is now home to a colony of gobbers.

The team found its way to the Silver Pitcher, a high class bordello on Captain’s Island. There, they met a 1000 gp an hour girl named Anna, who turns out to be both the mistress of HC Jannish Riordan, and a font of information. She told them that Kathleen Riordan of the Steam and Iron Workers Union was Riordan’s niece, and gave them an education on the political makeup of Five Fingers – explaining the basics on each of the High Captains.

Leaving the Silver Pitcher, they stumbled across a gobber being attacked by thugs. After dispatching them handily (the thugs ran away, threatening to tell HC Velter Waernuk what happened), the gobber invited him to his home in the Rigs above the city. It turns out the gobber, Jarv, is a personage of some repute in the Rigs, and led them to a human-sized house that they can use as their base of operations. The nature of the Rigs makes the base as safe as possible in Five Fingers.

Entering the City

The story begins in the forests of Khador, where the original group met a new character – Nalim, a Blackclad druid with cold forest wild shape abilities. Nalim and Roth (the rogue) were with Flynn (the arcane mechanik/ironhead), who was building his suit of steam armor, and had the brilliant – or not – idea of using the powerful orb from the Temple of Cyriss to power it. There was another explosion, and the three of them found themselves split off from their group.

They woke in the middle of a large seacave. The water, which was pounding through the opening in waves, seemed unusually warm for Khador. Roth found himself in the water, while Nalim and Flynn were on a narrow ledge. They explored the open cave, and found two exits – one above the water line and one below it. There were also remains at the bottom of the cave. Upon entering the water to examine the remains, Nalim discovered that the leather cloak he was given by a mysterious stranger is in fact a Cloak of the Manta Ray, allowing him to wild shape into a ray. He also discovers that the skeleton held a leather tube, with an intricately carved Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds. He explored the underwater opening and immediately faced three large dragonfish. He escaped back through the opening and retreated to the ledge.

The three then entered the smaller opening in the back of the cave, and find an open cave with natural steps leading up. There was also a trapped chest containing 3000 gold pieces. Following the stairs, they found an abandoned storage room. Among the treasures were 19 gold pieces, a 50gp garnet and a piece of vellum that appears to be a map – it showed a series of tunnel passages leading to a room marked by the Ternion Brand, denoting a secret shrine to the Dark Goddess, Thamar.

After leaving the storeroom, they made their way up more stairs and out into the sunlight. They were on an island, at the foot of a great bridge. They met an old man sitting near the bridge. He told them that this is Five Fingers, and that they’re on Captain’s Island, the largest island in the city.

The Last Adventure
The Temple of Cyriss

The original group consisted of six PCs: a rogue, a fighter, a paladin, a gun mage, an arcane mechanik and a sorcerer (with a wizard companion). They had been traveling northward through Cygnar from Caspia; their eventual goal was to join the fighting against Khador on the border of Llael.

During their travels, they found an underground facility which turned out to be a Temple of Cyriss, the goddess of technology. The Cyriss cultists were not welcoming, and they had several encounters, including some with large machines. Finally, they found themselves in a room with a glowing orb. Attempts to manipulate the orb caused an explosion, rendering everyone unconscious.

They regained consciousness in a snowy forest, which they later discovered was deep in the heart of Khador. They were forced to find a way back to Cygnar.

The current group has been a part of that group. The orb which caused the portal shift is still with them…


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