IK - Five Fingers

The Last Adventure

The Temple of Cyriss

The original group consisted of six PCs: a rogue, a fighter, a paladin, a gun mage, an arcane mechanik and a sorcerer (with a wizard companion). They had been traveling northward through Cygnar from Caspia; their eventual goal was to join the fighting against Khador on the border of Llael.

During their travels, they found an underground facility which turned out to be a Temple of Cyriss, the goddess of technology. The Cyriss cultists were not welcoming, and they had several encounters, including some with large machines. Finally, they found themselves in a room with a glowing orb. Attempts to manipulate the orb caused an explosion, rendering everyone unconscious.

They regained consciousness in a snowy forest, which they later discovered was deep in the heart of Khador. They were forced to find a way back to Cygnar.

The current group has been a part of that group. The orb which caused the portal shift is still with them…



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