IK - Five Fingers

The Gentleman Stranger

PCs: Flynn (Andrew), Nalim (Joel), Matilda (Jeannie), Roth (Shawn)

Adventure 1: Flynn gives Peter the 8-year-old Stoolie 5 gold to give to someone who is needy, in a blatant ploy by the group to ingratiate themselves with the larger community. It works. Peter gives the coin to an old woman on Hospice Island who is well-respected by the common folk as a fortuneteller. She offers to read their fortunes for free. She tells Matilda that her brother is where he should be and she is where she should be, and she’ll find him in good time. Flynn asks about the location of the Colossal’s cortex, and she tells him the King has it.

Adventure 2: The team goes to the Dead Inn Tavern on Hospice to look for a bodyguard. They find an ogrun named Boomer who thinks Flynn is an idiot, but agrees to work for them if one of them can beat him in an unarmed fight. The team magicks up Matilda to fight him, and she’s able to beat him enough that he not only signs up, but makes an oath to protect Matilda, whom he refers to as “Little Girl”.

Adventure 3: Upon arriving back at the Silver Pitcher, they find a commotion – there has been an accident and a merchant named Antius Fraser is dead at the bottom of the stairs. He appeared to have fallen; his neck is broken. (And Roth manages to get 65gp from his pockets.) Matilda and the others gather information from the servants: they tell of a ‘gentleman stranger’ who has charmed all of the nobles. However, the servants see his true form: taloned, ugly and supernatural.

The stranger appears to be a well-dressed Llaelese noble. He stays near the nobles, and ignores the team since they’re common-born. An attempt at detect magic on the noble is misdirected to a silver pitcher on a nearby table. In an attempt to discover the noble’s nature, Flynn slaps him in the face, and sees the taloned creature the servants described. When he does, the creature lets out a mocking laughter that causes crushing despair in most of the people there (except those who made their will save). He also makes a mass suggestion that everyone leave; everyone but Roth resists.

The team attempts combat, but the creature makes a huge jump and uses spider climb to disappear through an upper window. They give chase, and find themselves in a huge graveyard, attacking the creature – who uses suggestions, nightmares and a magical longsword. He also had damage resistance against magic. When they finally kill it, it reverts to its true form, and the graveyard illusion disappears.

The treasure on it is 2000 gp and a Tome of Clear Thought +3 (a book that adds +3 to one person’s intelligence). The team also saves the body.


1.) There is a new dancer at Banek Hurley’s Laden Galleon, who is rumored to also be serving as Hurley’s personal bodyguard.

2.) There is a Cygnaran soldier hanging out at the High Sail

3.) Professor Pendrake in Corvis has been searching for the ‘gentleman stranger’ to study, and could be interested in the body.



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