IK - Five Fingers

Rescuing Matilda

PCs: Flynn (Andrew), Nalim (Joel), Matilda (Jeannie)

Flynn and Nalim receive a message from Anna that Jannish Riordan wants to see them. He lets them know that Velter Waernuk has one of the “Khadorans” that arrived in the city at the same time they did. It’s clear that Riordan has an ulterior motive, but Flynn and Nalim head to Cod Row on Dicer’s Island.

The given address was a small storeroom, guarded by a thug (treasure: masterwork axe and two vials of black adder poison). A trap door led to a basemet area, where Matilda was being held hostage by four thugs. After killing the thugs and freeing Matilda, she let them know what she’d heard.

—Velter Waernuk is making a deal with an “outside force”

—To seal this deal, he’s planning to kidnap Riordan’s niece

—A secret door in this room leads to a larger chamber

After making their way through a trapped hallway, they found themselves in a seemingly empty cavern. There were six open sarcophagi, and when the team moved into the room, undead thralls arose from the sarcophagi. After killing them, they made their way out onto a secluded beach. Nalim, in bear form, snuck up on two Scharde warriors who were holding a bound Kathleen. He heard them talking about handing her over to a Satyxi warrior who was on her way there – clearly Waernuk is working with Cryx. He attacked them, covering Kathleen with his body and calling lightning on the Scharde. They ran, and the rest of the group left with Kathleen before the Satyxis arrived. Looking back as they crossed the channel to Captain’s Island, Nalim saw the Satyxis standing on an outcropping watching them.

While Riordan was pleased they freed his niece, he did not seem overly surprised. He was most interested in discovering as much as possible about Waernuk’s deal with Cryx. He also pointed out that the other High Captains already thought the team worked for him, so they might want to make it official. However, his terms (50% of their loot) were what you’d expect from a High Captain…

Rumor: Anna let them know about a strange gentleman who’s been charming the nobles and disturbing the servants…



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