IK - Five Fingers

First Day in the City

PCs: Flynn (Andrew), Roth (Shawn), Nalim (Joel)

Once in Five Fingers, the team found the Steam and Iron Workers’ Union. The head Steamo is an attractive Thurian named Kathleen Riordan. She sold them Flynn a union license for 25,000 gold pieces, which entitles the team to take shelter in the union, and allows Flynn use of a workbench. Willie, who is responsible for assigning workbenches, turned out to be the old man at the bridge.

Moving through town, a young boy named Peter tried to pickpocket Flynn unsuccessfully. Instead of punishing him, he hired him to be their guide and lackey. He showed them several places around town, including an ancient Colossal that is now home to a colony of gobbers.

The team found its way to the Silver Pitcher, a high class bordello on Captain’s Island. There, they met a 1000 gp an hour girl named Anna, who turns out to be both the mistress of HC Jannish Riordan, and a font of information. She told them that Kathleen Riordan of the Steam and Iron Workers Union was Riordan’s niece, and gave them an education on the political makeup of Five Fingers – explaining the basics on each of the High Captains.

Leaving the Silver Pitcher, they stumbled across a gobber being attacked by thugs. After dispatching them handily (the thugs ran away, threatening to tell HC Velter Waernuk what happened), the gobber invited him to his home in the Rigs above the city. It turns out the gobber, Jarv, is a personage of some repute in the Rigs, and led them to a human-sized house that they can use as their base of operations. The nature of the Rigs makes the base as safe as possible in Five Fingers.



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