IK - Five Fingers

Entering the City

The story begins in the forests of Khador, where the original group met a new character – Nalim, a Blackclad druid with cold forest wild shape abilities. Nalim and Roth (the rogue) were with Flynn (the arcane mechanik/ironhead), who was building his suit of steam armor, and had the brilliant – or not – idea of using the powerful orb from the Temple of Cyriss to power it. There was another explosion, and the three of them found themselves split off from their group.

They woke in the middle of a large seacave. The water, which was pounding through the opening in waves, seemed unusually warm for Khador. Roth found himself in the water, while Nalim and Flynn were on a narrow ledge. They explored the open cave, and found two exits – one above the water line and one below it. There were also remains at the bottom of the cave. Upon entering the water to examine the remains, Nalim discovered that the leather cloak he was given by a mysterious stranger is in fact a Cloak of the Manta Ray, allowing him to wild shape into a ray. He also discovers that the skeleton held a leather tube, with an intricately carved Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds. He explored the underwater opening and immediately faced three large dragonfish. He escaped back through the opening and retreated to the ledge.

The three then entered the smaller opening in the back of the cave, and find an open cave with natural steps leading up. There was also a trapped chest containing 3000 gold pieces. Following the stairs, they found an abandoned storage room. Among the treasures were 19 gold pieces, a 50gp garnet and a piece of vellum that appears to be a map – it showed a series of tunnel passages leading to a room marked by the Ternion Brand, denoting a secret shrine to the Dark Goddess, Thamar.

After leaving the storeroom, they made their way up more stairs and out into the sunlight. They were on an island, at the foot of a great bridge. They met an old man sitting near the bridge. He told them that this is Five Fingers, and that they’re on Captain’s Island, the largest island in the city.



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